What is the app good for?

It is a mobile app designed to help people change their negative thinking habits and increase supportive thinking.

Why should I change my negative thinking habits?

Research shows maladaptive thinking affects people’s mood, self esteem and wellbeing. Improving the internal dialogue and increasing access to supportive, helpful thinking positively affects our wellbeing.

Who is the app for?

We all have mental challenges. Usually, people don’t go to therapy unless their problem becomes too big for them to bear. We created the app to:

  1. help you deal with your personal mental challenges
  2. Prevent worsening of mental challenges
  3. Integrate helpful thinking into your everyday life

What is special about the app?

Our app is the only one in the market that has very extensive research (6 published studies and much more ongoing) and a huge offering of psychological topics in one product – self esteem, depression, anxiety, OCD, ROCD, parenting, body image and trauma.

I tried the app and it seems too simple. How is it possible that swiping some text statements up and down can help me improve my wellbeing?

By doing these simple swiping, you actually:

  1. Increase awareness to unhelpful self talk
  2. Increase your brain’s access to helpful self talk
  3. Weaken connections between daily situations and rigid, or negative interpretations of these situations
  4. Create new connections between daily situations and helpful interpretations of these situations
  5. Reduce maladaptive beliefs (beliefs that are negatively biased, inaccurate, and rigid are thought to play a key role in the mood and anxiety disorders)
  6. Build a healthy thinking habit

Why are the daily sessions so short?

When we created the platform, we aimed at improving people’s wellbeing without huge time investment. We know that building a steady habit for 3 minutes a day is much better than asking people to use the app for 10 minutes every day and then seeing them unable to follow up. We designed a unique approach that utilises very short practice sessions and builds long lasting effect.

Why does the app cost money?

Developing the platform costs money. While we want to make the app accessible to all people, we need to make sure we have the funds to keep developing, researching and maintaining the apps.

Don’t you think your membership is expensive?

Membership costs $11.99 per month, or $5 if you take the annual plan. We think this is very reasonable when compared to alternatives such as therapy or just letting your mental challenges remain unattended.

Why do I have to purchase a subscription?

We believe users should pay as long as they use and enjoy the positive effect of the app. Once you feel like the app isn’t needed, you can cancel your subscription. You can always re-subscribe when you need a helpful boost.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can surely do it.

For iOS App store, follow this guide.

For Google Play, follow this guide.

I’m not happy with my experience with the app, what can I do?

Please write to us, this is our support page.

What are you planning in the future?

We have a lot of great ideas that we can’t wait to bring into the app. We are working on increased personalization, better user experience, more content themes and rewards to help you build and maintain a healthy habit.