How it works

The Importance of Breaking Negative Thinking

It’s very common to develop a negative mindset in times of intense stress. An unhealthy inner monologue is thought of as the fuel that feeds into many mental health concerns.

Negative thoughts decrease motivation and increase feelings of helplessness, digging one deeper into self-doubt, harmful habits and anxiety.

Having negative thoughts also leaves one ill equipped to cope with mental health challenges and prevents them from getting the most out of life.

The Power of CBT

Our program uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to retrain the inner monologue to be more constructive and positive. The daily exercises instruct users to swipe away negative thoughts and embrace positive ones with the intention that users become aware of their own inner monologue, challenge maladaptive beliefs and develop a healthy mindset.


The program is personalized to help users face challenges specific to what they are going through. Users have the ability to choose the mental health conditions that are relevant and the program will focus on providing the necessary tools and content needed to cope with said struggles.


Each module includes short exercises that help build a healthier, more resilient inner monologue. Our studies show that practicing for 3-4 minutes a day can induce results that last over 30 days!