Our app helps you solve real mental health problems.

Evidence based (15 published studies)

82.2% of users see results within 1 week

54.5% report reduced need for additional expenses / services

Values user privacy

Did you know?

Only 3.4% of mental health apps are evidence-based

Published evidence

15,000 participants (real world data)


Clinically significant change (GAD7)



Use cases


Deliver our exercises under your program, reduce reliance on therapists and save resources


Empower people and help them overcome mental health problems by completing daily exercises


Deliver value to consumers, solve real world problems and make the leap into the digital age

With 13 published studies, GGTUDE is one of the world’s most researched behavioral-health solutions


Established in 2019, based in Tel Aviv.

The most researched digital mental health tool, conducting research since 2015.

13 publications in high impact journals and 8 randomized control trials that take place in 5 different countries.

Large catalog of modules to help users with mental health related challenges such as OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.



Founded on 3 Core Principles


Dedicating 3 minutes a day to completing the exercises is all that is needed to see long lasting results (6 months)


The positive outcomes of the product are constantly researched to provide users with the most reliable product


User privacy is important to us. We want users to feel safe. Therefore, user data stays on the their personal device

Powering BrainsWay’s innovative Deep-TMS medical device

BrainsWay is a third party app that has access to our API to incorporate GGtude’s CBT based personalized content delivery engine in their newly launched app for depression.

The app uses our technology to help people cope with challenges, track progress and improve overall mental health.

“The app has helped me have a healthy consistent routine of positive reinforcement. The results have been huge.

Thank you GGtude for being such a game changer!”

– @compass_traveler

Second item

“Loving these exercises so much. It’s easy, doesn’t take too long, and is already helping me think more positively and feel better.”

– Amanda, New York, NY


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Mental wellness – Direct to consumer

#1 OCD app on Apple App Store. Self-manage OCD, anxiety and depression. Explore a wide range of topics, including relationships doubt, parenting, and perfectionism.


Mental wellness – for Organizations

Product Hunt’s #1 product of the week, Thinkable includes everything you need to reduce negative thinking and reduce anxiety by practicing for just 3 minutes per day.