Founding team

GGTUDE’s founding team brings together an exceptional blend of talent, experience, and skill that positions the company for groundbreaking success in its field. The team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record of clinical research, successful startups, innovative technologists adept in developing cutting-edge solutions, and creative minds that drive the brand’s unique vision and market positioning.

With a wealth of experience spanning science, technology, marketing, and business development, the founders possess a complementary skill set that ensures a holistic approach to product development, customer engagement, and strategic growth.

This diverse mixture not only fosters a dynamic and innovative culture within GGTUDE but also enables the company to navigate the challenges of the competitive landscape with agility and insight, setting new standards for excellence in their industry.

Gur Ilany

Product expert
Game-like experience specialist

Prof. Guy Doron

Clinical psychologist,

Digital health expert
Reichman University

Guy Bino

Strategy & Operations expert
Healthtech innovator