The science behind GGtude

Our platform is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) models. CBT is a research-driven therapy that is considered the Gold Standard for many mental challenges including anxiety,  depression, self-esteem, obsessions and sexuality. CBT models suggest that the way we interpret reality (our self-talk) affects how we function in the world. If our self-talk is mainly negative and rigid, we will be distressed, have functioning difficulties and will find less joy in our lives.

Several recently-published studies have shown that using our GGtude apps helps people change their self-talk, reduce distress and increase well-being. For instance, a recent study comparing people using the app with people who did not use it, showed that using our platform for two weeks (3 minutes a day) reduced doubts, obsessions and increased self-esteem. Another recent study showed that using our platform can help people cope better with the negative influence of social media.

Users of our app GG BI for body image difficulties showed less body image concerns after using the app for two weeks and also reacted better to being exposed to body image triggers on Instagram than people not using our app. We also have data from thousands of users showing that using GG Self-esteem significantly increased self-esteem after a couple of weeks’ use.